Our Story | INSAN

Founded on 29 October 2015 by TWO friends, Azan Safar and Ahmad Tajuddin, Initiative for Malaysian Humanitarian (INSAN) is a non-governmental cum non-profit organization committed to raise socio-economic and humanitarian issues through advocating the right policies and development programme focusing on the most marginalizes and segregated group of societies that are homeless, urban poor and different-abled in Malaysia.

The duo was inspired by the amazing story of humanitarian journey by Red Cross, which was founded on 29 October 1863, about 152 years ago. Mirroring the spirit of Red Cross, they decide to take a challenge to write their own narrative for humanitarian works and policy management in Malaysia and signaling the needs for proper movement to realize their mission.

The acronym INSAN which means human being, for itself are the amalgamation the spirit of humanity in the holistic and profound way. Therefore, the first meeting was held to assemble an Initiative Committee which comprise FIVE early members including founders. Since then, the Initiative Committee was acting as the main force and were responsible for the establishment of INSAN.

On 23 December 2015, INSAN was officially registered by The Registry of Societies Malaysia (ROS) under Section 7 Societies Act 1966. As aforementioned about writing the new narrative for humanitarian works in Malaysia, INSAN do not intend to become a conventional charity organization and repeating what has been done by many well-established organizations before.