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Founded in 2015, INSAN is a policy-advocate initiative group focusing on nation building and social development, especially for TWO society groups: (i) urban poor, and (ii) disabled. We are driven by the understanding that social development in urban area is being halt together by our unequally shared economic affluence.

Nation Building

Social mobility is stagnating and levels of social inequality are worsening. This led to the emergence of classes within the same ethnic groups and eventually widening the gap between social strata at the urban level.

Social Development

We work in communities which are stigmatised and written off as ‘hard to reach’ or disadvantaged—basically ‘budak flat‘—and disabled community.



A social development project providing free tuitions and alternative scheme for underprivileged children.

community library

The library is proposed to become a safe place for at-risk teenagers for them to do activities such group study, reading, Internet browsing and indoor board games.

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This is our long-envisioned dream to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program to underprivileged children

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Your contributions and involvement are priceless to the development of lowest strata of society in Malaysia.