Why we need you support?

Your contributions and involvement are priceless to the development of lowest strata of society in Malaysia.

INSAN is an independently funded organisation with an outstanding series of programmes and campaigns. We support urban poor community, especially young people, ensuring that they have the tools needed to be confident and effective change makers—seeking out long term solutions to society’s thorniest problems.

We are a small, but mighty, organisation. Never lacking in ideas or motivation, but often lacking in resources, we rely on our wonderful supporters in so many ways. Donations allow us to continue our brilliant work; from small, regular donations, to those who attend fundraising events.

Businesses and corporations offer us invaluable support in a range of ways.

We are supported by a fantastic network of brilliant volunteers, and we offer a range of volunteering opportunities with varying levels of time commitment.

Whatever way you’d like to support us, get in touch.

We know that a fairer future is possible; a world in which at-risk teenagers from the lowest economy-strata families that generally neglected—mostly by negative perceptions, are positively seen, authentically heard and can lead meaningful social change. But we can’t do this alone. Join us in making our vision a reality.

It is imperative.

If, like us, you want real social change; please donate today. We are an independently funded organisation with a bold aim: to end inequality. 

We know that thousands of people share our vision for a fairer future, and we rely on your donations to continue our pioneering work.