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The Malaysian Government Has to Be Held Accountable for the Spikes of COVID-19 Cases

A statement on the act of betrayal shown by the Malaysian government with regards of the COVID-19 by over-playing politics at the expense of the people.

The absurdity and ignorance shown by the Malaysian politicians and ministers in cabinet towards the COVID-19 pandemic are deserved to be called out and criticized by the people.

At INSAN, we are postponing all our activities with the local community since March 2020, including our tuition classes for SPM candidates which the program is crucial for those candidates—as per we consider the risk of our activities with the local community could trigger the chain of COVID-19 spreading.

However, those in the ministerial cabinet and politicians, in general, are blatantly disregarded the possible risks of COVID-19, by playing politics at the expense of the people.

These politicians we voted in during the election, yet they never put the interest of most of the people at the center of their actions. Today, we witnessed how the number of COVID-19 cases spikes through the ceiling, once again, caused by the reason everyone knew—foolish and moronic politicians.

We are fully aware, if the government decides to re-introduce the Movement Control Order (MCO) yet again, the people who will be at disadvantage are not those foolish politicians but the common people—people who live by daily wages, people who lost jobs, people who run small businesses.

The Malaysian government has to be held accountable for this betrayal and ignorant. We call upon all Malaysians, regardless of ages and professions, to be in unity denouncing the act of betrayal shown by our government. We will remember this betrayal when it comes to the day we cast our ballot.

Please stay safe everyone.


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