Our Work

Poverty. This is our line of work. In Malaysia, poverty is a legacy. The cycle were never-ending. Despite “official data” pointed on the reduction of poverty rate since 1970 is great, which is going down to 0.4% in 2016 from 79% in 1970, the reality on the ground is not totally true.

To quote the OHCHR report, “…Malaysia’s extremely low poverty line is not consistent with the cost of living in the country. A poverty line of RM980 ($235) would see an urban family of four surviving on RM8, or less than $2 per person per day—a tragically low line for a country on the cusp of attaining high-income status.” What were went wrong?

How We Work

We partner with local communities that could connect us directly to the ground.

Proving Our Impact

From the start, we’ve publicly shared our progress and impact throughout various projects we have been coordinated.

Our Focus

Nation Building

Social mobility is stagnating and levels of social inequality are worsening. This led to the emergence of classes within the same ethnic groups and eventually widening the gap between social strata at the urban level.

Social Development

We work in communities that are stigmatized and written off as ‘hard to reach’ or disadvantaged—basically ‘budak flat’—and disabled community.

Current Project

Free Tuition

Community Library

Planck Academy


Your contributions and involvement are priceless to the development of the lowest strata of society in Malaysia.