Community Library

This is a proposal to build a community library at Taman Desa Sentosa Fasa II, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. The neighborhood consists of 99% of low-income household families, which in terms of Malaysian economic context is defined as B40, or Bottom 40%, which refers to a population with median household income lower than RM2629 per month for Klang Valley areas.

The library is proposed to become a safe place for at-risk teenagers for them to do activities such as group study, reading, Internet browsing, and indoor board games. Such a facility is imperative for the social development of the teenagers since at the moment no such facility is available in their neighborhood.

Key Objectives

Safe Place

To create a safe place for teenagers at Taman Desa Sentosa Fasa II during after-school hours and on weekends.

Public Library

To establish public library cum co-working space, study place, and reading area for the neighborhood, especially for school-going teenagers.

STEM Activity

To establish a maker’s laboratory for STEM classes including programming and robotics activities among teenagers in the neighborhood.

Our Long-envisioned Dream.

There are a few end goals we set for this project. We want to start with establishing a community library complete with reading materials covering various genres and fields.

We want to build a space that provides a safe environment for teenagers to do their daily activities during after-school hours and on the weekend such as group study, reading sessions, or playing indoor board games among them.

The space, eventually in our vision, will evolve into another capacity that is becoming a maker’s laboratory for these teenagers. This is our long-envisioned dream to introduce Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs to underprivileged children—for this proposal, teenagers in this neighborhood. We have seen a lot of establishments and organizations that are focusing on STEM but their focus market mostly for middle-income to upper-income society class.

We want to change this trend.

We want STEM to be inclusive so that the underprivileged children can also experience the same enjoyment and opportunity to be included in ever-growing future machineries such as programming tools and languages, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, blockchain technology and much more.

The maker’s laboratory is the space where these teenagers will have access to learn, build, and code with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to create interactive electronic prototypes and robots. This space also enables them to discover more about machine learning and AI. They will explore the wonder of rocket science and astronomy. They will study about future technology, our Earth, and climate change as well.

We want them to be included.

This is our goal. This is our long-envisioned dream.

Proposed Location

The library location, by principle, should be located within walking distance of the neighborhood, convenient and accessible to all users of all ages.

The RED flag marker in the maps indicates the proposed location for the library, by renting a unit of shop lot available.

Budget Estimation

We are proposing a budget totaling RM42,300 for a one-year startup operation for this community library project.







Books and Materials






TV Subscription


IT Appliances




Indoor Board Games


For inquiry

If you have any inquiry regarding this project, feel free to reach us out.

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Your donations help us in so many ways.

They fund reading materials; which is vital to so many teenage growths. They fund educational television channels costs and IT appliances such as computers for teenagers have often rarely can afford in their house. They ensure young people have access to a safe place that they can feel comfortable when they visit us. Your donations ensure consistency in our brilliant work, and without them, we couldn’t survive. Donate today.