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A free tuition program is part of larger Max Planck Academy, an initiative under INSAN for school-going teenagers. Thanks to all contributors especially the Surau Al Husna committee, we manage to operate our own tuition program for underprivileged children at Taman Desa Sentosa Fasa II, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

This program is targeted at PT3 and SPM candidates from B40 families. Classroom focus on a few core subjects for both PT3 and SPM: English, Mathematics, Science, and History, 2 HOURS every week for each subject.

In 2020, we serve…


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However, the COVID-19 swept us through. We decided to put on-hold all our activities as the country goes full lockdown.

Education for all.

While Malaysia has done remarkably well in uplifting the standard of living of its citizens, there are emerging areas of concern that require urgent attention, particularly on the reality of urban poor who live in—borrowing a report Children Without: A study of urban child poverty in low-cost flats in Kuala Lumpur by UNICEF—a data ‘blind spot’. The study concludes a presage of an emerging national crisis that has medium and long-term implications for the future well-being and productivity of the economy, as we approach developed status in 2020 and beyond, should those empirical findings be taken for granted by stakeholders. While the national poverty rate is less than one percent, and almost eradicated in certain cities in Malaysia, these indicators, unfortunately, mask the rich information content of empirical case studies based on the reality of the situation on the ground. The study by UNICEF finds that about 22 percent of children living below the age of five are stunted, 15 percent are underweight and 23 percent are either overweight or obese.

They have no conducive place to study and their surrounding environment is unsafe. While almost all children aged 7 to 17 are in school, only 1 in 2 of those aged 5 and 6 are in preschool. Adjusted for household size, almost all children (99.7 percent) in low-cost flats live in relative poverty and 7 percent in absolute poverty. INSAN advocates the right policies duty-bound to be defined by the ability to create opportunities and social justice towards all regardless of their economic status, without left anyone behind. As Malaysia moves towards its 2020 vision of an inclusive and high-income country, all children must be touched by its progress, benefit from its investments, and have their birthrights fully realized. Through income support and programs designed to increase access to services (such as health, education, and nutrition), social protection helps realize the human rights of the urban poor. Social protection strategies are also a crucial element of effective policy responses to adverse economic conditions, addressing not only vulnerabilities caused by current conditions but also strengthens preparedness for future uncertainty. This proposal is about to offer parts of the solution towards advocating the right policy as well as social protection strategy.

It is our hope and desire to restart 2022 with a strong feet and confidence. Thus, the aim for this prospectus is to ask for funding and contribution for INSAN, so that we could smoothly execute and resume all delayed planning and future planning.

Tuisyen Kasih in Astro AWANI

We thank Astro AWANI for giving us a media exposure opportunity by featuring Tuisyen Kasih in one of their segment, #KomunitiAWANI in 2019.

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